Throughout my Digital Media Production classes, I’ve gathered a number of skills applicable in a few applications used in a graphic design environment. Some of these skills need improvement, and others I have enough knowledge of to do successful projects and make them look good, too. Some of these learned skills include:

Some skills developed in this class that have helped me outside the graphic design environment entail:

  • Typing Skills (Being able to type without having to look at the keyboard)
  • Writing Skills (Being able to type about a subject or idea and have my writing understood with a clear purpose)
  • Teamwork and Collaboration within a small group of people, typically consisting of three to five other students.
  • Communication within a small group of people, leadership skills, as well as being able to apply a thorough consensus at times when the group isn’t in complete agreement on anything.

These skills have helped me develop my writing and grammar skills in many other classes, such as English, AP World History, and even classes like JROTC and math. Because of our extensive writing, I have gained an even broader understanding of how important writing can influence a person’s career; this applies to an individual’s job sometime after school, all the way down to the very time you’re a student in school. Some of the other skills, such as communication, teamwork, and leadership skills, have helped me be able to work with other students in group projects in many of my other subjects, as well as at my job working with my co-workers.