Door Video Project

In this simple project, we showed both originality and creativity in the creation of this video production. Our main idea revolved around the recent death of the now-famous gorilla, Harambe. Our implementation of the gorilla suit, a small child, and a green screen made this whole thing come together. This project was produced using Adobe Premiere […]

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Doritos Commercial – 2017

For this project, we tried to do something a little interesting for our portrayal of the Doritos commercial that’s held annually in the Superbowl. The project was conducted using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Final Cut Pro, and a number of different types of cameras. In our minds, we had envisioned a much cleaner portrayal of a car […]

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Video Editing Vocab #1

The Video Editing Vocabulary (seen below) is compiled from different video clips found on showing the usage of different cuts between scenes. These transitions are key elements of design that are used in movies, videos, and other clips that are produced worldwide.

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